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How did you find Wilmington?


Most of us here in Wilmington are familiar with that question, either asking or being asked, since we are originally from somewhere else. How often do we meet someone who is actually from Wilmington? Not very. I used to joke, "Was there anyone here before the Yankees started moving here?" This year, Vanessa and I find ourselves asking that of new clients more than any of our 6 years at Intracoastal Realty. So far this year we have had clients from California, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. And that's in the first quarter; the slow season.

The answer to the question is almost always either research or referral. People explore online and can't help but be intrigued by the Port City, especially when they decide they want to live on the coast but not in Florida. Or, after escaping the Northeast to Florida, they move halfway back to Wilmington and become "Halfbacks." For us, it was my brother and his wife who moved here over 20 years ago from "Up North." I remember the first time he told me he was moving to Wilmington. I said,"Who in his right mind wants to live in Delaware?" I had never heard of this place.

Since then, USA Today readers took time during their hotel stays and voted Wilmington the #1 Riverfront City in the country...among people who read free newspapers, anyway.

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